How we work

We provide both executive research as well as other research services.

Executive Research Services

When working on 360-degree executive research projects we conduct our work along these lines:

1) Assignment of Task
• Specification of requirements
• Corporate culture, market situation
• Career opportunities and organizational structure
• Personal and professional criteria
• Display of function and task of candidate
• Education, language skills
• Defining target group
• Defining candidate’s profile for search job

2) Search
• Create target list
• Networking and Sourcing
• Executive Research
• Search in-house candidate database

3) Contacting and Interviewing Candidates
• Confidential contact of candidates
• Qualifying candidates
• Interview

4) Customer Report
• Confidentail reporting for customer
• Pre-selection
• Invite the candidates
• Presentation of candidates

5) Conclusion of contract
• Assisting in contract negotiations


Research Services

When researching leads we will be working along the following guidelines:

1) Definition, Outline and Setup of Project
• Defining industry
• Create list of target companies

2) Research and Identification
• Database research and Internet research
• Researching selected companies
• Identifiy potential candidates

3) Contact
• Qualified first contact via phone
• Present position
• Create a candidate profile
• Get candidate’s CV
• Scheduling interviews and possibly conduct interviews

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